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Keep Up To Date

2013-08-07 00:35:44 by monkeybars

That's all I have to say about that.

New Song!

2009-04-28 17:28:56 by monkeybars

Uploaded a new song today! Everyone who liked the ones on my audio page/everyone :D Should check it out!
Sex with trees can be fun! 2d-Y
check it out! LD

Asian Invasion?

2009-04-01 19:00:19 by monkeybars

Nothing to comment about the Chinese thing... Anyway, just postin' a link to a new youtube song.. I think I'm allowed to post links...

It's a minesweeper song, let me know what you think. Thanks Newgrounders. GN_Q&feature=channel_page

Is human meat red or white??

2009-03-21 22:14:24 by monkeybars

Is human meat red or white when cooked?

Chicken is pink before being cooked, and when cooked well is white..
Steak is blood red, when cooked, looks brown but is called red meat?
What is human meat?
If it makes a difference lets say the meat is from the calf.