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2015 Submissions

2014 Submissions

Mountain Tops Pop Nerdcore Song
Just Sit Down To Pee Indie Song
Big Box of Weird Porn Nerdcore Song
Bitches just want money Pop Song
Let's Thank Jesus Pop Song
Thinking About You Classical Song
Reminds Me Of You Classical Song
It's Too Early To Say Pop Song
New Zealand Benefit Classic Rock Song
Acoustic Rock Out Grunge Song
I hate gingers Jazz Song
Facebook Classical Song
Pinch Me Love Song Indie Song
Give It All To You Jazz Song
Karl's Classical Piece Classical Song
Problem Gaming Hip Hop - Modern Song
Recession Solution Country Song
Where Did All My Bandwidth Go? Country Song
Once A Cheater Always A Fool Classical Song
Call Of Duty Rap Hip Hop - Modern Song
Just Me And You 2 Country Song
Bush Girl Blues Song
Hi I'm 12 what is this? Classic Rock Song
Just me and you Blues Song
Islamic Threats Blues Song
Fruity Loops Advice Needed! Pop Loop
Miley Cyrus Rehab Billie Ray Classic Rock Song
OPEN WIDE (not for children) Classic Rock Song
Sex With Trees Acoustic. Classic Rock Song
Singing about winter. Classic Rock Song

2008 Submissions